BATCo – Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation
SETA – South East Transport Axis

As a result of the removal of trade and transport border restrictions within Europe we as transport planners are required to extend our fields of activity to include greater consideration of the transregional and -national planning levels. The growth of a unified Europe is significantly dependent on the capacity of existing transport infrastructure and its efficient utilization. The basis for planning decisions with respect to transport are comprehensive transport models which allow the various future alternatives or measures to be evaluated. The challenge for planners today and in the future, is to allow for sufficient transport infrastructure capabilities while reducing as much as possible the negative impact on the environment. PLANUMs transport have been significantly involved in 3 transnational EU Projects which dealt specifically with this theme: BATCo – Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation, SETA – South East Transport Axis and Grenzbahn.